I was born. Yeah! Let’s skip to the good parts.

I’ve done variety things, but through it all, I’ve landed primarily on Programming, Gaming and Software Engineering. That’s the common thread between all the things I’ve been doing. (Check out my LinkedIn Profile for details.)

I started my schooling with a passion for Computer Science. I also always thought how games were made. This created an interest in me for games. I did my  Bachelors in Computer Science  and took some additional care on my programming skills and  GNIIT (Software Engineering)  added the spice to my knowledge.

Soon, I started working on Web Development and was a part of  Mozilla Student Rep program. My interests were recognized by Microsoft and was representing my University as a Microsoft Student Partner  where I started working on Windows Platform. I started my gaming career as a  Software Engineer for Alias Software Development Pvt. Ltd.  where I started my first step to making games with Unity3D Engine. Quickly I picked up interest in Unreal Engine which had some great advantages over Unity3D. I also worked on some Web Development for Clients.

Months passed then I switched to  Nextwave Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.  where my full-time is Game Development. I have worked on various Games made with Unity3D targeting both Mobiles and PCs/Tablets. Also, this evolved my horizon of knowledge as I started using various new technologies to solve demanding problems.

One thing I really enjoy is the amount of help and content that is available to one who wants to learn a new technology. It’s one’s own interest and passion that has to drive him/her to learn and explore.

I want to now get out and learn something new that will make me feel better than what I know already. Playing with  shaders,  multiplayer game concepts  and  creating developer friendly tools have been my current target interest. Hope I can satisfy my thirst and prosper.

If you’re reading this paragraph, you’re a real trooper. Thanks for being here. Send me a message through any of my social channels and say hi.

Karthik Padmanabhan