1 Jul 2016
Karthik Padmanabhan

Welcome to Karlog.in. This is not my first post even though this seems to be. I wanted to give the website a refresh of design after a long time and hence I had to backup all and export all my blog posts from here. Also, my previous Hosting service screwed up, finally closed the company and I almost lost my whole website along with its data. I managed to talk to them and retrieve most of my WordPress database and have set it up on Local WordPress Installation on my computer so that I can clean them up and re-import them back to the website.

I surely hope that I can get that done as soon as possible. Else I might just have the posted as an Archive in a separate WordPress Installation, about which I will post later. So, for now, this website might look fresh and empty for a while. But, there is gonna be a new Programming Series that I am gonna write here. Look forward for news regarding that Tomorrow.

Till then bye from Karthik Padmanabhan!

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