Lua: Writing simple method using return statement

4 Jul 2016
Karthik Padmanabhan

Today, we will learn and use methods and return statement in our Program. Programming in Lua is more like Programming in C. If you are familiar with C then Lua is pretty easy to learn.

Program code:

function IsEven (n)
    if n%2 == 0 then
        return "Even"
        return "Odd"

print("Enter a Number: ")"*number")
print("Number ",a,"is ",IsEven(a))

In the above program, we have created a method IsEven(...), which takes a number as input and identifies if it is Even or Odd and returns a string which is printed as output to the console. Also, if you notice, we have used, this allows us to take an input from the user and read it using system io stream and assigns it to the variable a for us to make use of.

The next program that we will learn will contain more code and will be a little more extensive. Stay tuned for that.

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