Programming in Lua

2 Jul 2016
Karthik Padmanabhan

Hello! For a long time now, I wanted to learn Lua. But, have never had time to get started with learning it.

Now, I am very eager to learn it, because I have time to learn and experiment with code. Also, a lot of my known developers have been telling me that its good to learn Lua since it is more Robust and very helpful in Game Development. Hence, I am starting this series where I will share my knowledge as I learn Lua.

I am going to use the pre-compiled LuaForWindows as my Lua Binary. Also, I am using Visual Studio Code as my IDE to write code in Lua.

I will be following the “Programming in Lua by Roberto Ierusalimschy” and “The.Lua.Tutorial” as my guide to learning Lua.


Binaries: (Windows) LuaForWidnows , (MacOS) Rudix , (Linux) LuaInterpreter

IDE: Visual Studio Code

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